January is School Board Recognition Month! Lets give a big shout out to The Owsley County Board of Education Members. Thank you for all you do! #LoveKySchoolBoards #AlwaysAnOwl
6 months ago, Owsley County Schools
School Board Recognition Month Banner
School Board Recognition Proclamation
Check out this month’s student created newsletter! https://sites.google.com/owsley.kyschools.us/livelearnserve36/home
6 months ago, Tina Bobrowski
Skills Being taught at Owsley County Schools through Portrait of a Graduate work:
6 months ago, Owsley County Schools
Portrait of a Graduate Traits
Mr. Terry & Mrs. Cornett were more than willing to readjust class schedules to teach additional social studies courses for the betterment of our students and school; and they made the transition so easy for our students. Says a ton about their professionalism and character.
7 months ago, Owsley County Schools
Neil Terry (Left) and Heather Cornett (Right)
These ladies have stayed countless hours on several evenings, with no additional pay, to help over 40 students prepare for the school play. Our theater students are lucky to have these committed teachers in their lives.
7 months ago, Owsley County Schools
Rachel Hisel (Left) and Stevi Nolan (right)