Owsley County Schools Offer Multiple Support Structures for Students Through ESS, Promise Neighborhood, Title I Support Services and Save The Children 

Questions regarding Owsley County Schools' After School Programs should be directed to Stacey Davidson (stacey.davidson@owsley.kyschools.us)   
Extended School Services 
The Extended School Services (ESS) program is a program designed to assist individual students who are having difficulty in one or more content areas. ESS funds are allocated to schools in Owsley County for the purpose of operating a program for students having short- or long- term academic difficulties.  ESS programs offer extra instructional time outside regular school hours. Owsley County operates ESS programs after school, during the summer and Owsley County has been approved through a waiver to offer ESS services during the school day as well.  
After-School Programming/Daytime ESS Referral

Save The Children
The mission of the Save The Children program is to create lasting, positive change in the lives of children in need.  Save The Children works to ensure that children in need grow up safe, educated and healthy, and better able to attain their rights.  For more information about Owsley County Elementary's Save The Children program, contact Phyllis Bowman phyllis.bowman@owsley.kyschools.us

Last Modified on April 10, 2017