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  What is it?

This tipline in no way replaces the face to face open communication and relationships built at our schools. The STOP tipline is just one more tool available for use by students or parents to communicate unsafe situations at school.

  • One unique attribute of an "online" tipline is its availability.  A student, parent or community member can submit information day or night.
  • Also, many students may feel more comfortable emailing about a situation (instead of a face to face meeting with school officials).
  • The main purpose of the tipline is to add another layer of accessibility between students and trusted school personnel.

This tipline is not for immediate response. If anyone needs immediate assistance, they should dial 911.

 How does it work?

 Students or Parents 

  • Click logo on school's webpage
  • Choose whether you want to submit a tip about 1) bullying, 2) violence or 3) other risky behaviors (i.e. alcohol, drugs, self-harm, sexual abuse or theft, etc...)
  • Fill-in the check boxes and explain
  • Click submit

   Schools  (This tipline is free of charge to Kentucky school districts)

  • Partner with Kentucky Center for School Safety
  • Attend training on the STOP tipline program
  • Receive logos to place on your websites
  • Create email account to direct the submitted forms
  • Investigate tips in a timely manner

   Kentucky Center for School Safety

  • Host webpages and STOP tipline forms
  • Train school personnel
  • Provide ongoing assistance when needed

Bully Free Zone


You can make all the difference! If you ever have a problem at school and need someone to help you and you just can't seem to find that person, then click on one of the following links to report the problem and let us help.........
Last Modified on March 29, 2017