School Mission Statement 

Owsley County Elementary School, with the belief that ALL students can learn at higher levels and with the collaboration of all stakeholders, shall ensure the opportunity for all students to receive a high quality education while immersed in a 21st Century learning environment. 


District Mission Statement and Core Beliefs

Owsley County Schools, in partnership with families, students and community shall ensure the opportunity for a high quality education for each student, in a safe, nurturing environment.

The core beliefs of the Owsley County School District include:

All students can learn.

Students must share the responsibility for their own learning.

All students deserve a quality education.

Higher Expectations produce higher achievement.

Caregivers must be equal partners in the learning process.

Healthy children are a foundation for academic success.

Education requires collaboration of the community, family and school.

A caring, nurturing environment encourages students to learn at high levels.

The school environments must be safe, clean, secure, respectful and non-threatening.

Individual ethnic and religious differences must be respected.

Last Modified on February 18, 2010